About Us

Whether you have a completed manuscript, technical paper, or you’re just struggling to perfect your blog or eBook. We can help transform YOUR words into perfection and achieve your publisher’s deadlines. When writing anything professionally you cannot afford to have any imperfect sentences or mistakes. It is the job of the editor to make sure that your work gets noticed for all the right reasons.

The list of services we provide are:

  • Editing services for ALL of your important writing.
  • Fiction writing
  • Non-fiction Writing
  • Technical works or white papers
  • Biography or memoir editing
  • Christian writing
  • Short stories
  • Query letters
  • Grants or Grant Proposals
  • Press releases
  • Author’s biographies
  • Web or blog editing
  • Lectures & speech editing

Don’t see your application here? Send us an email with a description of your writing project and we will respond quickly to how we can help you. Put us to work editing your project TODAY!

Grant Writing and Grant Proposals

We can help with writing, editing or researching grants or grant proposals. Whether for your business, church or other non-profit organization we have the experience to meet your needs. Fees are percentage based but can be waived for non-profits or charitable organizations depending on your situation. We would be pleased to answer any questions you have about grants. If we don’t have the answer we will research it and find the information you need. There will never be any cost for the initial consultation.

Why do I do this…

People make mistakes. When it comes to writing, people often make a lot of mistakes. While some writers struggle with grammar, others find it difficult to control being too “wordy.” Some authors aren’t quite sure what to include and what to leave out. Often, writers are so emotionally involved in their own work that they fill pages with great ideas but fail to express their true intent. EditRight4u specializes in editing mistakes, improving language, and transforming a manuscript into literary masterpieces.  having your manuscript edited can be a scary prospect, but is a requirement to be successful.

Secure and confidential

EditRight4U.Com does NOT sell, transfer, or share ANY client information with ANY other party and all documents reviewed will remain the intellectual property of you, the original author. Should you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will happily sign one of yours or can provide an NDA form for you.