Editing Response: A Client’s Email

I received this email a few days ago from a client and was quite blessed by it. I asked for permission to reprint it here and to use it as a testimonial. I have to say I have not worked on this type of project before and it was a real learning experience. I want to send my thanks to Suzette for picking me to edit her card game and support material. I look forward to see it published and made available. I do believe that it will help many troubled relationships.

Thursday, September 13, 2012 10:36 AM


Thanks so much for editing my books. I really appreciate your honesty, knowledge, and encouragement. I need that in order to make this collection the best it can be without spending thousands of dollars. I love your ability to teach, your flexibility, and that these books are not your typical subject. I think if someone who only read self-help were editing, they couldn’t give me the best input due to their familiarity. Writing can be such a grueling process that I wanted to give up, but after hiring you it was like an angel strengthened me. Finally, I feel the confidence I needed to be proud of my work.

Thank you,
Suzette, author of the Rock Talk Collection


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